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Welcome to our Chaps and Chinks page. This page updated March 24, 2013.
We are once again taking select orders, our wait time is about 7 months, call us for more info, schedule an appointment or for price quotes...316.621.0600, and as always feel free to email us at anytime.

We do offer custom patterns, made to your specific measurements and details you prefer, your own custom professional leggin pattern includes: a pattern that you can build from or have another maker build for you, phone consults and any instruction on how to modify your pattern on one occasion. We do not offer a "general pattern", our patterns are drawn exclusively from the measurements you provide and options you prefer.

Email: Kansas Saddlery

PLEASE GIVE THIS PAGE time to load, page is graphic heavy.

***FOR SALE***Leggins and Armitas pictured below are FOR SALE.

Armitas, two pair exactly the same, one rose pink with white the other white with rose pink. Both pair are $350.00, shipping or tax not included. 5 oz smooth moc cow with slight buff finish, white leather has a smooth finish, all other lace and belt is latigo, full leg cuts, 3 stainless roller buckles that are laced on, top belt is 3/4" wide with stainless cart buckle. Waist 38" plus 4" or minus 3", contemporary fit to ride not at waist but on lower rise jeans. Top thigh 25" plus 4" or minus 2 1/2". Top, across front from edge of chap leather to the other edge is 25", not including back belt.

Rose pink armitas with white pictured below:

Email: Kansas Saddlery

White armitas, same measurements, with rose pink trim:

Email: Kansas Saddlery

Flagler batwing, modified, will fit 30-34 waist and 23-24 thigh, dark brown oiltan roughout side out, yokes and thighs smooth side out, latigo back belt, tie front and bat stiffener. Scalloped yokes and legs, leg scallops will not curl up, 1" SS Watt buckle and conchos. Laced step-in leg, has an inch adjustment, these will ride West Texas wide and low...$440.00 call 316.621.0600 to order....

Email: Kansas Saddlery

The armitas shown below are SOLD, they were custom made for Scott Stockslager, they are made from Thiele leather and have exceptionally long apron fringe and overall length. They are a true armitas apron wrap tie, and rolled leather buttons. They have a nice leg and button hole overlay, and a ground work button below the knee. Call 316.621.0600 or email us to place your name on our wait list.

SOLD-Great Basin Gear Show and Sale Flagler Armitas...these were an entry in the Great Basin Gear Show and Sale, Elko, Nevada. Step in zip leg. Solid sterling buckle by Gary Wiggins, engraved both sides...

SOLD-Great Basin Gear Show 2009 hair on armitas, over lay leg, lined inner leg, traditional three rolled button leg closure, back belt with 1" buckle, 35" long from back belt to longest fringe, $400.00.

Email: Kansas Saddlery

SOLD-Golden long chink, moc cow buff leather, aged to look worn in, 36" long from back belt to longest fringe. Solid brass back buckle and conchos. Waist will fit 38-44 and thigh 23-26. Three buckle leg, carlos border stamped dark oiled yoke and thigh, roper's wear overlay on right side, our legs come all the way around.....you will have leather under you knee when astride, $300.00.

SOLD-True cut chink, faded orange oiltan, shorter and full inner leg cut. Yoke under lay and leg overlay chocolate brown, SS back buckle and conchos laced on three buckle close, leg cut fringe. 28" long from back belt to longest fringe, waist will fit 35-40, thigh 23-27, $200.00.

SOLD-Plum colred armitas, very drapy, very comfortable yoke, back belt of latigo 1". Traditional 3 rolled button leg with reinforced thigh placket, leg cut fringe, 37" long from belt to longest fringe. ...note our armitas do not gap out in the front when you are astride, call 316.621.0600 to order a pair, but not plum colored, cannot find this leather again!

Email: Kansas Saddlery

***SOLD***All pictures below are leggins that have SOLD.
Chaps are pictured first, then Chinks, Armitas are at the bottom of the page, along with our shoeing and hay chaps.
These leggin pictures are dated and some quit old, however they show examples of our work. Keep in mind the prices do not reflect todays costs for a similiar pair.

Modified Texas bat, made to be worn very low and wide apart in the front. Sold for $425.00.

Dark Bark Brown and Sand colored chink. Buckle back, tie front, 6 oz glove chap leather, 2 buckle leg, scalloped leg and overlay, sewn on fringe, 4 sterling engraved conchos.

Flagler Batwings made for Scott Tracy, sold for $325.

These Flagler Batwings sold at the World Championship Ranch Rodeo, purple pair sold to Lee Hart of D&M Cattle, buckskin colored pair sold to Lucas Littrel.


More CHAPS.....an outstanding pair of mini-bat shotgun chaps. Chocolate brown leather with full floral yoke, extras like a cell phone space built into the belt. These were built for a good Flint Hills cowboy Clay Wilson.

Below a pair of doetan leggins, BB pocket, pig'n ring, fringe, laced on zipper, and solid brass conchos.

Below a custom pair for cowboy poet Russell Graves. Shotgun style with a little bat leg, and 16 Schaezlein sterling conchas.

These full zip chaps with 'Wild Rose' floral carved belt were made for Orin Friesen.


A SASS shooter owns the pair below.

Mike Alumbaugh of Los Lunas, New Mexico added a rope guard to his leggins. Step-in, laced on zippers with a tooled belt to match his saddle.

Email: Kansas Saddlery

Below are more examples of our work.

Chris Hitch of the Hitch Ranch, Guymon, Oklahoma owns the pair above.

Local Florence, Kansas vet Brendon Kraus ordered the shotgun chaps above.



Below are examples of chinks, brown pair with optional pocket, tan pair with a little extra concho detail.

Below is an example of a base priced pair of chinks, adult size, doetan chap leather, buckle legs, scalloped brass conchos and brass belt buckle, sold for $254.00.

Below Dusty Rose chinks, base priced with latigo yoke and thigh plackets, two snaps, buckle back, tie front, stainless steel conchos, sewn on fringe. Sold for $287.00.

Below examples of good working chinks Florida cattleman Don Quincy and a couple of his cowboys own.

Next chink is made from our very popular benedictine Thiele leather, sort of "Sunset" colored. Lots of extra punchy details, rough-out yoke, thigh and belt. French calf under and overlay and laced on stainless steel conchos.

Pair below were made from 4 to 5 oz taupe colored moc cowhide chap leather. This leather has a softer feel, breaks in faster. Jueske basket stamp yoke, very unique, laced-on 3 concho length chap leather thigh with 4 Montana silver conchos, two snap leg, 1" belt laced-on with Kangaroo lace and engraved silver cart buckle. Belt includes a space for a cell phone or knife sheath.

Below is a comment emailed to us from a very satisfied customer who bought an in-stock pair like the ones pictured above:

"Dear Shannon and Tuffy, I received my chinks yesterday and I just wanted you to know that I am very, very pleased. The quality is far superior to what I had hoped for. Your work and craftsmanship is truly worth every penny. Thanks again and I hope to meet up with you guys one of these days. Sincerley, John Crow, Texas"

Above pair made for rodeo judge Kelly Corbin of Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

More pictures of some really nice chinks...

Sage green pair below were made for the Women's Work: Gear and Photography by Western Women exhibit at the Western Folklife Center, these chinks are very different, they sold to Kathy Adcock of Collinsville, Oklahoma, our model is Wanda Reeves.

We made these plum colored chinks for the Leather Gallery Exposition in Sheridan, WY. The full tooled belt background was dyed to match the chap color.

Our first pair of these benedictine or "sunset" colored chinks were featured in the Nov 2000 issue of Western Horseman, page 165. Our German friends Peter Kraft, aka "Sam Jones" and his wife Chris saw the feature and ordered a pair just like 'em! They had a complete set of Schazlein silver buckles and conchos.

Above, western artist Joelle Smith wearing our second pair of benedictine colored chinks. Joelle is prowling the great beyond now on her good paint horses....



Our hat maker friend Tom Hirt is wearing the punchy pair of armitas pictured below. Laced on zipper, butterscotch color.

Armitas below have latigo lace extras, traditional wrap latigo belt and three leg button with reinforced button holes and inner leg cut, 39" from waist to bottom of fringe, sold to an Illinois cowboy for $354.00.

Another pair of armitas custom ordered by Scott Stockslager of Ohio. He wears them fitting cattle and wanted an extra button below the knee. Dallas, our model, is about 5 inches shorter than the owner, so they look a little long.

The armitas shown above are made of a 3 oz plunge, maroon colored, perfect for the fit needed for armitas! These are made with the traditional leather buttons with a modern twist to the hole placket, this pair SOLD to Roger Clark of Ft. Collins, Colorado. $324.00.


We make a very durable and functional pair of shoeing or hay chaps. Shoeing chaps can have custom pockets where ever you want them and a magnet on the leg. The hay chaps may also be ordered with double coverage on the thigh.

Thanks for taking the time to look at our work. Our work is excellent and they will fit, it's what we are known for.
Please call 1.316.621.0600 for more info, or email us for a possible order.


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Call 316.621.0600 for more info.

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